The company imports and markets electronic and electrotechnical components, measuring instruments, power supplies, tools and accessories in Russia. ZAO YE International belongs to YE International concern who has operations also in Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.


ZAO YE International typical customers are manufacturers in the electronics and electrotechnical industry, scientifical institutes and production, maintenance and service companies of various industries.


ZAO YE International Quality Policy

ZAO YE International objective is to serve its customers in reliable way which meets or exceeds their expectations in a cost effective and profitable way and establish remarkable position on Russian electronics components market.

To reach the goal it requires from the operation comprehensive quality on all stages of processes creating and development of efficient staff, organizing mutual beneficial co-operation with customers, carrying-out promotional activities and improving the effectiveness of Quality Management System based on ISO 9000.

Quality affects to all functions of the company. Quality management means at YE International ability to keep continuous development of the quality. Responsibility about a quality and its development belongs to every person in the company. Every person is responsible for the quality of own function and position. Every person has a duty to develop a quality and stop insufficient quality.

YE International management commits an obligation to follow the Quality Policy and allocate necessary resources to fulfill it’s implementation.

For us overall quality means that every function which is done in the name of YE International meets targets what has been set. Annually we will determine measurement indicators by which the quality development is followed.

Quality doesn’t cost more – Bad quality costs.